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Jossy de Roode

In the picture: Brigitte Broekmeijer, owner of Paverpol International and Jossy de Roode of Studio Josefine Art.

Jossy de Roode organizes the Paverpol Training Days for Paverpol International.
The Paverpol Training Days offer you the opportunity to discover, know and learn to use Paverpol during 2 intensive days. In 2020 Jossy de Roode had exactly 25 years of experience in giving Paverpol training courses and knows all the ins and outs. This way you learn to work with the Paverpol products in the right way and get everything out of it!

Jossy is a member of the NABK

Our winter break is from December 1 to April 1.

The possibilities with Paverpol are very extensive. That is why we need 2 training days (from 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.) to get to know you. During each training day you make your own Paverpol figure, using various Paverpol by-products and techniques.

Paverpol Training days

Training day 1: On this day you make a figurative figure with Paverpol and textile materials including Wrappers, Stockinette, Pavercotton. It goes without saying that Jossy gives tips and advice on the use of these products in combination with Paverpol and other materials.
Training day 2: On this day you will make an abstract figure with Paverpol and Paversand.

Costs for 2 consecutive days: € 185 p.p. incl. Material, coffee / tea / water. Bring your own lunch, but our neighbor is a supermarket.

The Training Days can be booked per 2 students. In consultation you can also reserve these Paverpol Training Days completely privately on your own preferred dates; the costs then amount to € 250 for 2 consecutive days.

With this 2-day training you have a good basis to possibly give workshops in the future. You will receive a certificate of participation from each day. On behalf of Paverpol International you will receive the CPI (Certified Paverpol Instructor) certificate after participating in both days. If you are going to give workshops, you can use them to buy Paverpol and by-products with a teacher discount.

Overnight tip:
At 100 m from our studio, hotel Bom, Noordstraat 2, opposite Haamstede castle. Cozy, authentic hotel with a good breakfast. The booking code of hotel Bom below is valid on or around the workshop date at Studio Josefine Art.

Jossy provides the Paverpol Training Days, only on a small scale. That means, a maximum of 2 people. We are also forced to implement some Corona measures, so we ask from you:

  • stay at home when you have flu symptoms (according to RIVM guidelines).
  • no shaking hands, coughing in the elbow, etc.
  • bring your own lunch.

We have adapted the studio as much as possible Corona test:

  • a plexiglass screen, if needed
  • masks and vinyl gloves are provided.
  • own toilet for students

More info: 06-51582085. Please make a reservation by email info@josefine-art.com

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