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Newly created work is regularly added to this page.

Most recent images can be seen at Galerie Haamstede, Noordstraat 43 in Burgh Haamstede. The gallery is usually open on Saturdays outside the high season. To be sure, check their opening by telephone, =31-682290346, (Petra van Gent).

Would you like more information, know the price or purchase a certain image, call Jan or Jossy de Roode: +31-651582085 or email info@josefine-art.com. Jossy de Roode is a member of the NABK.

Give someone a GIFT CARD? Nice present at a birthday, anniversary, farewell to a colleague or for giving a sculpture or a workshop of your choice. Amount size to be determined by you. Email us for more information. info@josefine-art.com

Quote from Remco Campert, poet, writer 1929: Is it art? he carefully asks the connoisseur, otherwise he will not know whether he may enjoy it. If he likes it, does that mean that it is art? I can’t help but like it, he says, as if he has to apologize to the connoisseur. He says that it is not art, but if he likes it, then he is free to do so, the connoisseur says favorably.

In short: You like something and you can’t make it yourself. Then it is ART for you! Jossy de Roode

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