The best workshop in Zeeland

These workshops are given at Schouwen Duiveland; the sunniest part of the Netherlands. Known from Burgh Haamstede, Renesse and Zierikzee, among others. The location of our studio is in the heart of Haamstede, Noordstraat 26.

A creative day during your stay in Zeeland? Want to escape your busy life? Are you facing a burnout? Stress away, something different. Do something with your hands to give you peace of mind. Become wonderfully zen during a relaxing workshop and be creative. Together with 1 or 2 people, whom you have chosen yourself.

You create a beautiful piece of work in a relaxed atmosphere. Experience is not necessary. You will be amazed at the result. There is coffee/tea between your activities and with your own lunch. Afterwards you can end the day with a beach walk on the Zeeland coast. You will go home feeling reborn and with a homemade work of art. At Studio Josefine Art you can experience such a wonderful day. For more information and registration, email us.

Jossy is a member of the NABK

Workshops 2024

Determine your own workshop date, between April 2024 and November 2024. Our winter break is from December 1 to April 1 for new inspiration.

Scroll down to the workshops. Email us the day of your preference and the workshop of your choice: As soon as you have informed us of your preferred date and the desired workshop, we will check availability in our agenda. From Monday to Saturday in April to November. Come together with your mother, daughter, sister, partner, friend or colleagues for a fun day. Can be booked per 2 or 3 people. Call or email. tel. 06-51582085 or



You think you’re not creative? I dare you! You will definitely go home with a nice figure that you have made yourself. I promise!

You will make a figure with sand paste and textile materials. Posture, decoration and painting of your own choice. Approx. 50cm long. p.p. €75, including materials, coffee/tea/water.
See you! Josefine.




You make a cat, a fish or a long-legged bird on a preformed skeleton. You work with sand paste, among other things. You decide the colors yourself. The costs are €75 per person including materials and coffee/tea.



A long, slender statue of approximately 75 cm in length. €85 p.p. Including materials and coffee/tea.

Students create the long slender figure.


These 2 or 3 stubborn strange birds are made on pre-formed skeletons with a sand paste. They stand on a base made of MDF, which is also finished with sand paste. The size of the work piece is approximately 20 x 30 cm. The workshop costs €75 with 2 Strange Birds or €85 with 3 birds. including materials, coffee/tea.


1 or 2-day WORKSHOP LARGE ALIEN BIRDS ON CONCRETE BLOCK You can make these quirky birds on a concrete block of 12 x 12 x 30 cm. Suitable for the garden. If you want to come for 1 day, we will make the construction in advance. If you want to do everything yourself, 2 workshop days are absolutely necessary. Dimensions of this workpiece are approximately 35 x 50 cm. For 2 birds the costs are € 170. €195 for 3 birds.


You’ve been making your own figures for a while, but you want to keep raising the bar. You want to know more about making constructions, materials and applications. This workshop is ideal for that. After discussing what you want to make, Jan and Jossy can help you implement your idea. It is also discussed whether the project can be completed in 1 or 2 days. Send an image or drawing in advance with an explanation of your wish for assessment. Need inspiration? Check out our Gallery page. The costs of this private workshop are: 1 day € 150. 2 days € 275,- including materials and coffee/tea.

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Workshop times:  9:30am – 4:00pm.
Participants: 2, maximum 3 people
Location: Studio Josefine Art, Noordstraat 26, Burgh Haamstede.
Inclusive: all workshops include materials and coffee/tea. Bring your own lunch; but next to us there is an Aldi supermarket or we can get super tasty take away Baguettes.
Questions and/or registration: or call 06-51582085.
Private workshop: if you have no one to come with you or if you want to attend the above-mentioned workshops all by yourself, the surcharge is €45 extra per day.
Overnight tip:
100 m from our studio, hotel Bom Noordstraat 2, opposite Haamstede Castle. Renovated rooms from April 2024. Cosy, authentic hotel with a good breakfast. Use the booking code below when booking hotel Bom by telephone. Or Google something else yourself.

Our email list

Every now and then we send out a mailing if there is something to report about the workshops, assignments or a special creation. If you would also like to receive it, please send an email to with “please be on the mailing list.”


Determine the amount yourself. After payment you will receive the gift voucher by post at home. For more information and options, see the GIFT CARD page. Interested: call 06-51582085 or email us for details.