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Sorry, my translation into the English language is not complete and very well. If you have any question, please email us and we will explain. info@josefine-art.com or use the page CONTACT

Over the years Jossy has created hundreds of sculptures; for conventions here in the Netherlands as well as abroad, for her books, as monthly subscriptions for the site www.paverpol.com and as examples during workshops and Paverpol training courses for course trainers. The creations shown here are up for sale. The low prices can be interested for you, maybe for Certified Paverpol Instructors, as examples in workshops. Special for CPI’s:  buy 3 or more and receive 10 % discount,  In case you are interested just send an email to info@josefine-art.com and indicate which statue(s) interests you as well as the country you will need it delivered so we can get back to you with an explanation of the creation and price offer as well as the shipping costs involved. Try the Dutch part of the site page GALERIE for prices and sizes.

The 1-day workshops with maximum 4 people are in our studio in the garden in Burgh Haamstede, the southwestern Dutch delta area.
For more information, prices and registration email us: info@josefine-art.com
Or see the page WORKSHOPS

To have an idea, for starting as a Paverpol course leader, please see the page TRAININGEN.
Also for the special 2-days Masterclasses for people experienced in working with Paverpol for new ideas and technics. Two times a year a new theme.

By organising Paverpol workshops yourself you would be generating an extra income from your hobby. Paverpol trainings are given in The Netherlands in spring and in autumn in the sunny province of Zeeland the southwestern Dutch delta area. Trainings are also given in several other countries in the world mainly by the Paverpol Art Products International distributors. Outside The Netherlands inform with your local Paverpol distributor for time schedules, or invite us directly. See the website  www.paverpol.com

It is not a ‘must’, but if you were thinking about organising Paverpol workshops then you would certainly need to know the basics. If you have taken the two 1-day workshops and you want to go ahead and provide your own workshops, you will receive the Paverpol Course provider’s certificate by Paverpol Art Products International. You are named a CPI, Certified Paverpol Instructor.

Jossy de Roode will provide the course. She will give you instructions and show some handy tips and she will answer all and any Paverpol questions you may have. We enjoy an educational training course in a pleasant atmosphere. Which means there is also time for a cup of coffee or tea and as well as a cozy lunch. Apply per email please.

For touristic information about our sunniest resort island  Schouwen in the Netherlands, have a look also in the English language on www.vvvzeeland.nl

No any problem. Email us about the dates you prefer, the address and we will offer you. info@josefine-art.com
Suitable for Paverpol importers to motivate  artists, new clients, instructors and course leaders. Or as teambuilding for the staff in your company.

Jossy de Roode-van der Lee was born in Surabaja, then Dutch East Indies. Jan first saw the light of day in Vlaardingen in the Netherlands. Both born in the Sumatrastraat but on another continent. Jossy came with her parents in 1950 to Rotterdam, the city where Jan lived too. Jossy had a song career in the popgroup The Familee with her three brothers and two sisters. 13 years of appearances in home and abroad.

Jossy juli 2016After his period of military service, Jan started in the advertising business and started up his own advertising office “Goodwill”. After selling Goodwill he continued a more specialistic sales promotion company Jan de Roode Promotions Ltd.
Jossy and Jan married and worked together in their business ‘Jan de Roode Promotions’ in Rotterdam. When their four children had left the home Jan and Jossy moved to remote Burgh Haamstede in the province of Zeeland.
Because of the hectic of the business not much time was left for creativity. Therefore after a few years Jossy left the company to start something completely different. She received a four-year training in paint technique at the Isard Academy in Antwerp, Belgium. Started teaching modelling in clay and painting in her garden atelier as well as at the Peoples University in Middelburg.
She organized exhibitions and shows, wrote some books and articles for several hobby- garden- and magazines on interiordesign.

But the whole situation changed when she discovered the possibilities of Paverpol shaping polymer which makes all sorts of textiles and fabrics rockhard and even waterproof.
Jossy developed a technique accessible to many hobbyists. Her designs became rapidly known in certain circles. Again also in several magazines.
Artists also used her technique and let themselves be inspired by them. She loves to share her knowledge and experience in several workshops in nearby all the European countries, but also in America, Canada, Mexico, Russia, French Guyana, Surinam, Australia and so on.

Partly due to husband Jan who sold the sales promotion company and handled the marketing and logistic. Paverpol International was born! The commercial part Paverpol International is sold in 2014 and Jossy and Jan develop new pieces of work for the new owners of Paverpol International. Now Jossy and Jan travel around the world to share and promote art and creativity with many others in Paverpol workshops and trainings.

You may contact Josefine by email to: info@josefine-art.com

We are proud!  Our job in the newspaper in Canada